Quiche & Chill – Leuven

For those who follow me on Instagram or Snapchat.. you’ll probably already know I’ve been spending a looooot of time in this new Leuven hot spot! And with good reason. Finally a lunchbar just around the corner of where I live. Coincidence? I think not.

Quiche & Chill who?

What I’ve learned from this place? Eat a lot of quiche and love a lot.

I immediately fell in love with this concept when I first heard of it. A place with great food, refreshing drinks and a cosy interior to chill with friends (or your aunt, date,..). And not to forget.. It’s a bar, run by 5 students as a school project. How awesome is that? Check their website  if you want to hear their full story.

Tip: When you’re in a hurry, you can easily ask for a take away quiche on the go!


When I say hipster quiche bar, what do you think of? Yes, white walls, full house wooden pallets and green plants.. 100% Instagram-proof if you ask me 😉 Additionally, their whole interior is made out of recycled materials. Environment points, check! Next to the large tables in the front, there are these cosy round tables who just ask for a tête-à-tête. But, if you go a little further and take a look in the back, you’ll find this relax space with some fun games and the softest pillows. Warning: you’ll not want to leave!

Food & Drinks

As the name itself says.. a lot of QUICHES! I must admit though, I wasn’t really into the whole quiche-thing since it’s just a lot of vegetables and very little pie. BUT, boy was I surprised by their small pieces of heaven, accompanied by a cute little salad. They even have a quiche with bacon and Duvel.. yes, you heard that very right! Meatlovers, vegans and even lasagnalovers can find their likings. Totally team quiche if you ask me now!
Little hungover or just not that hungry? These lovely people will gladly fix you up with one of their homemade lemonades or icetea’s.

Study Material 

Oh hell yeah! There’s more than enough space for you to claim one of the large tables (we all know students need space for all their books they don’t open). Or you can just as easily plump down in the back with your laptop to watch one of your favorite movies.. euh, read a paper or something I mean.

Casual & Curly’s TIPS:

  • FOOD: Quiche Goat cheese, honey and hazelnut (Since this one isn’t  on the menu permanently, you’ll have to be patient just like me 😉 )
  • COLD DRINKS: Definitely Homemade Icetea!
  • HOT DRINKS: Latte filled with chocolate chips
  • DESSERT: Heavenly brownie cake

Hurry up, since it’s still a school project (for now) they’re only open until May 26th 🙁

Facebook – Quiche & Chill
Instagram – Quiche_n_Chill
Tiensestraat 260, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Lots of kisses x

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