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  • A weekend in Lanzarote – travelguide

    A weekend in Lanzarote – travelguide

DIY – framed quotes

Hi guys, So I have been decorating my room since I moved to a new student place in Leuven last summer, but guess what.. I still haven’t finished! Nonetheless, believe it or not.. there are some improvements!  For so long, I have been willing to put up some inspirational quotes…

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Amsterdam – 5 hotspots

Hi guys, So a couple of weeks ago, I finally went to visit the beautiful Amsterdam and boy, do I want to go back like right now.. All the beautiful streets, very hipster coffee bars, cute shops, friendly people,… I can go on forever! And nope, we didn’t visit the…

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How to Casual & Curly?

If you see me on the streets, there’s a 99% chance I’m wearing sneakers! Summer.. Winter.. It doesn’t really matter actually. If you ask me how to do casual chique.. Just put one of them lovely sneakers beneath your fancy outfit and voila.. I’ll admit.. I’m prettyyyy addicted to buying…

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Let’s do this blog thing!

Hi Guys, It’s finally here.. My very own blog! After a lot of exciting cheers and questions from my friends like: Haven’t you started blogging yet? When will it finally be online? Come on.. This is so you! …I eventually started. And believe me, it wasn’t an easy process.. So…

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