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  • A weekend in Lanzarote – travelguide

    A weekend in Lanzarote – travelguide

NYC: prep list

Hi guys, As you can read in my New York state of mind post about NYC, this post will be a great help to myself, though I hope it will inspire you guys to visit NYC yourself or maybe get to know a few places you haven’t heard of before. It will…

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New York state of mind – preparations

Hi guys, Normally I’m that type of girl who’s going to plan her perfect city trip full of cute little coffee bars, lovely sightseeing walks and countless places with good food. Then suddenly, I have to leave home to catch my flight and not a single prep is done :’)…

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Quiche & Chill – Leuven

For those who follow me on Instagram or Snapchat.. you’ll probably already know I’ve been spending a looooot of time in this new Leuven hot spot! And with good reason. Finally a lunchbar just around the corner of where I live. Coincidence? I think not. Quiche & Chill who? What I’ve…

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Bar Berlin – Leuven

Hi guys, Get ready for a whole lot of hot spots coming your way! First up.. Bar Berlin. Bar Berlin who? You would think this one isn’t located nearby, but nope.. It’s right around the corner in our beautiful Leuven town. Lucky us! Thank you so much for this little Berlin hipster…

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Little Roots Apparel

Hi guys, Our very own Little Roots Apparel webshop is almost up and running! YAY!  So, what’s it all about? Little Roots is the new kid on the block when it comes to Start-up’s. Our team consists of five young entrepreneurs with a strong weakness for fashion. We offer you a…

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