Finally Amsterdam

Hi guys,

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally went to visit the beautiful Amsterdam and boy, do I want to go back like right now..
All the beautiful streets, very hipster coffee bars, cute shops, friendly people,… I can go on forever!
And nope, we didn’t visit the famous I AMsterdam letters on ‘het Museumplein’ nor any other touristic places, except maybe the lovely ‘9 straatjes’ of course! These next five hot spots are the ones I really would like to share with all of you!

During our stay, we slept in a small, but friendly hostel near ‘De Walletjes’. Although this is not a very solemn place (if you know what I mean).. our hostel was extremely Christian. It was actually hilarious! They asked us every single evening if we wanted to join them for a nightly prayer. “Oh, sounds fun! But, no thanks :)”

During our first night out we wanted to go to ‘het Rembrandtplein‘ since some locals told us there were a few pubs and clubs that were worth a small visit. However, when strolling around and before we even got there, we immediately had our eyes on a small and simple but very fancy bar named…

1. Café de Paris

This stunner is definitely worth a visit when you like some good dance music and very cute bartenders ;). We were surprised though that this lovely celebration was coming to an end so soon. I guess we’re used to partying a little too late, over here in Leuven.

Café de Paris


After a quite sober breakfast at our hostel, we followed our time to momo tour guide to Amsterdam West. Honestly, we were a little disappointed by this part of the city. Our guide said that this area and more specific the ‘Jan Evertsenstraat‘ has known a colourful boom over the last few years, but nothing was further from the truth. I must admit that the rainy weather didn’t help, but apart from a couple of new initiatives this shopping street was rather impoverished.

Since the weather didn’t seem to cooperate any further, we decided to hit the first snug coffee bar we passed; Jan 19 Coffee. After a very slow service and not that tasty latte’s, we decided to head up further to our next stroll. Luckily we did find a lovely shop in this rather greyish street..

2. Things I like, things I love

I immediately fell in love with this charming concept store! You’ll find the nicest clothing items but nonetheless a lot of accessories and interior stuff! All their items are handpicked and boy, they do they have a great taste! If you’re not up to an entire city trip, you can just as well take a look at their web shop!

Things I like things I love


Since the weather didn’t get any better soon and we realized this tour wasn’t the greatest idea after all, we decided to head up to ‘de 9 straatjes’ to stroll around there and find shelter in some of the lovable shops there. But first… FOOD!
Given that we’re six girls, it wasn’t an easy assignment finding a place that pleased every one of us. Somewhere hidden below a staircase, we found just the perfect lunch spot…

3. Brix

.. And yes, it was delicioooous :). There was mouth-watering food on the menu for literally everybody! Burgers, not so average sandwiches, healthy salads, delicious cakes and much more! Their interior is so instagram-proof btw!



Given the fact that our previous breakfast at our christian hostel wasn’t all sugar and spice, we went for a far better one at Pluk in ‘de 9 straatjes’. And boy, too bad we couldn’t stay there all day long…

4. Pluk

Avocado-, acai bowl- and coffee lovers will just adore this charming spot in ‘de Reestraat’. We truly had the best breakfast (brunch) here. And our latte’s were so much better than the day before ;). When you just can’t get enough of all these treats.. there’s perfectly room for some shopping while you’re waiting for a next round ;). Since I couldn’t choose between all the lovely cactus coffee cups, I was so happy to read they also have a web shop up and running! This is definitely one hotspot to come back to.

Pluk Amsterdam


Finally, as true food lovers we just had to end our little trip with this yummie..

5. WE LOVE FOOD Festival!

Burgers, Vegan, Italian, Sweets,.. Nope, we didn’t hold back! Since I’m such a pulled pork lover, I first went for an oven baked garlic bread filled with this delicious little piggy. On top of that, I just couldn’t resist the Nachos – pulled pork as a side dish. Can I get those in the movies next time, pleease :)? Of course, we couldn’t leave without dessert.. One hell of a Nutella pizza to share it was!

We love Food


So, it wasn’t much of a culture trip this time, but hell yeah I’ll go back just to meet all the other sides of this city that stole my heart!

.. To be continued!

lots of kisses x



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