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Hi guys,

So I have been decorating my room since I moved to a new student place in Leuven last summer, but guess what.. I still haven’t finished! Nonetheless, believe it or not.. there are some improvements!  For so long, I have been willing to put up some inspirational quotes and posters of plants, but I always found them way too expensive to buy for myself. Because yes, I’m that type of girl that looks up and asks herself: ‘Oh god, for how long has that old thing been hanging there? Only two weeks? Oh damn!’

For that reason, I just started to create all these fun posters myself. But first.. Coffee! P.s. They’re also a great gift idea!

1. First up.. IKEA!

Where better to find affordable and classy picture frames than Ikea right? I Find this Strömby picture frame simple, but yet so elegant. Perfect to go with my white, minimal interior if you ask me.

STRÖMBY fotokader €4.99

2. Next up.. the designs

You will not be shocked if I tell you the internet, pinterest and instagram are full of ideas for quotes and posters! Go ahead, take a look and choose your favorite! It’s always fun to come up with a quote of yourself.

Personally, I use Indesign to create my pdf’s, but you can use any other program that you’re used to working with. Just make sure your settings are adjusted to the size of the poster you want to create. The ones you see below are size A5! The size of your font depends of course on which one you choose. The easiest way to download your favorite typeface is through Dafont. Two of my favorites are Bakery and Fine Style. The only thing left for you to do is head up to a print shop in your neighbourhood and friendly ask if they want to print your creations on A5 paper. The first time I printed 7 designs and it only cost me like 2 euros.

3. Put it all together.. et voila!

And no more problems with ‘being bored quickly’ like me. After a week or a month you can just as easily change the quotes for a lovely picture or design and guess what.. it almost for free.

4. I call it.. casual but chic!

A hammer, a little nail and you’re good to go. You’ll be surprised how much two simple frames can change your interior. Keep it simple with black and white or add a little green to it for a cosy touch.

Tip: If you don’t have much space left you can use smaller frames and just as easily put these on your desk or shelves.

I will try to post some more DIY’s each month! Hope you liked it.

lots of kisses x


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