Bar Berlin – Leuven

Hi guys,

Get ready for a whole lot of hot spots coming your way! First up.. Bar Berlin.

Bar Berlin who?

You would think this one isn’t located nearby, but nope.. It’s right around the corner in our beautiful Leuven town. Lucky us!
Thank you so much for this little Berlin hipster getaway in town, Yorrith & Niels.

You can literally visit these two no matter what.. Some coffee with friends, a small bite, a day filled with books or just a friendly chat. One thing is sure, you won’t feel an outsider. From students to grown-up’s, from families to lovers, you’ll fit right in. As I visited Berlin not that long ago, I immediately knew where this awesome vibe was coming from.

And the best part? It is open on Sundays when literally EVERYTHING else is closed. Hallelujah for that!


The first time I walked by this place (on a Thursday) it was closed and boy, was I disapointed. As we could look inside, we immediately knew this was one to come back to.. and so we did, very soon. The place is decorated very modern and tight, but no worries.. the carpets and sofas make things extra cosy. Since everything is somewhat furnished with a lot of wood, you feel at home straightaway. Add a lot of green plants to that and it creates your favorite coffee bar to spend the day.

Food & Drinks

Do I see wine, beer and strong drinks on the menu? Huuurray! But let’s keep those for a Wednesday evening (yes, they are open until 11 p.m) 😉 Most of the time I play safe and order one of the delicious lattes or sodas, but you can just as easily order one of many revolution tea’s. I’m not that into tea, but I heard they are great though! Since summer isn’t really doing her very best, I can assure you the marshmallow or baileys hot choco will keep you warm from head to toe.
As for food, I like to get surprised by the suggestions on the wall. Nonetheless, ‘croque uit het vuistje’ and panini are always great, simple alternatives.

Study Material

How we love the bars with a long table (and extension cords) filled with students behind their laptops . A little study break? No problem, the sofa’s will make sure your (hour-long) coffee breaks are comfy as hell.

Casual & Curly’s TIPS

  • FOOD: Panini Mozarella, pesto and tomato
  • COLD DRINKS: Homemade lemonade! Or  red wine?! Tough choice…
  • HOT DRINKS: Latte – Chocolate cookie dough
  • DESSERT: Magic Brownie, of course!

This one’s a keeper, you guys!

Facebook – Bar Berlin
Instagram – barberlinleuven
Brusselsestraat 115, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Lots of kisses x

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