Hi there,

My name is Deborah, I’m a 23 y/o curly head who recently moved to A-town and is happy to spend her days at COAT. When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me shopping, sleeping, travelling or eating because..

° I really adore eating like.. Give me some sushi and boy, you can get me happy!
° Since my wardrobe still isn’t cracking under all that weight I’m happy to shop for new clothes            whenever it pleases me (and my wallet)
° You’ll find everything about my little trips on my -petite tourist- page
° Do I need to say more about sleeping?

Love love love
-Gin (with elderflower tonic of course), graphic design, pretty clothes, Lattes with chocolate cookies, dancing (on tables), sushi, uncontrollable laughs, exotic travels, vinyls, summer evenings, surprises, all things disney

Not that fond of
-Unread notifications, those nasty hangovers, chaos (exept if it’s my own), Sunday drivers, having no dog