My name is Deborah, I’m a 23 y/o curly head and currently spending most of my time on my little project Little Roots Apparel and searching for a job. When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me shopping, sleeping, travelling or eating because..

° I really adore eating like.. Give me a nice piece of tuna on a plate and boy, can you get me happy!
° Since my wardrobe still isn’t cracking under all that weight I’m happy to shop for new clothes            whenever it pleases me (and my wallet)
° You’ll find everything about my little trips on my -petite tourist- page
° Do I need to say more about sleeping?

Love love love
-gin (with elderflower tonic of course), pretty clothes, dancing (on tables), uncontrollable laughs, vinyls, summer evenings, surprises, all things disney

Not that fond of
-Unread notifications, those nasty hangovers, chaos (exept if it’s my own), Sunday drivers, waiting, having no dog