Hi guys,

I’m Deborah,  a 25 y/o curly head living in Antwerp but also a..

#FOODIEXL – hey.. I just really adore eating! When I’m not at a restaurant or lunchbar I’m probably busy, trying to create some epic brunch or dessert myself. Oh, and yes.. ‘hangry’ is a mood. Happy #casualandcooking

#PETITETOURIST – You’ll find everything about my (un)planned trips through this hashtag or on this blog. This means all the highs as well as the lows with hopefully lots of tips.

CASUAL&CURLY what? – Keeping it casual with sneakers most of the time but definitely not afraid to curl things up with a pair of heels and some fancy dresses.

Love love love
Lattes, graphic design, a good glass of red wine, sushi, uncontrollable laughs, vinyls, exotic travels, dancing (on tables), surprises, thrills, all things disney

Not that fond of
Unread notifications, those nasty hangovers, chaos (except if it’s my own), Sunday drivers, not having a dog

Have fun reading and let me know what you think!

Lots of kisses x