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Petite tourist: New York

  • Foodie guide through NYC

    Foodie guide through NYC
  • Your first time in New York – travelguide

    Your first time in New York – travelguide
  • NYC: prep list

    NYC: prep list
  • New York state of mind – preparations

    New York state of mind – preparations

Not so chocolate n-icecream

Hi Guys, In desperate need of some chocolate or sweets but not ready to give up on your diet just yet? Well keep on reading.. Ingredients Bowl 1/2 – 1 cup (235 – 470ml) oatmilk 2 frozen bananas 1/4 cup (30g) rolled oats 1tsp vanilla aroma 1tbsp cashews 2tbsp raisins…

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Pink Portobello Beetroot Burger

As I bumped into these beetroot buns in the store, the first thought that popped into my head was: why not use them as burger buns instead of salad/pita buns? Of course I couldn’t resist putting them in my shopping bag because WHO DOESN’T WANT A PINK BURGER, right? 1 hour later, there it was.. the perfect portobello – angus – beetroot burger.

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Blue moon Latte

Hi guys, I’m a big fan of all those colourful lattes you see on everyone’s insta feed but even though I’m trying to be a little healthier sometimes.. it’s a shame most of them don’t really contain coffee. So I thought I would change it up! I’m still trying to…

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Pink Power Bowl

For all you pink lovers out there.. dig into this 5-minute smoothie bowl recipe to get your daily dose of fruits and pink.

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Oreo Cake

Hi guys, First of all.. remember this: No matter how busy you are, there’s always a little time left to bake yourself one hell of a cake and eat it all by yourself because well.. you can! As those of you who follow me on insta may have already noticed,…

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